Senior Classes

San Antonio seniors interested in keeping their minds and bodies active are invited to join URBAN-15’s FREE senior classes! Check out the class listings below to learn more about all of the classes that we provide:

Rhythm Royale Music Class


Rhythm Royale is a percussion ensemble class held twice a week that is focused on creating compositions that integrate percussion and movement infused with the rhythms of son, reggae, samba, cha-cha, and many others. The group not only learns the basic stick drumming techniques found in cumbia, afoxe, rhumba, and samba, but frequently performs for other seniors at Senior Centers around San Antonio and at city-wide senior fairs.

Rhythm Royale students aged 60 and up learn patterns on a range of instruments including tamborims, agogo bells, shakers, and mambo bells. This class is great for maintaining physical coordination and memory!

Hot, Hot, Hot! Senior Latin-Dance Class


Seniors interested in an extremely gentle take on Latin dance can explore Hot, Hot, Hot!, a twice-a-week class geared toward maintaining strength and flexibility through the use of seated steps and movements set to energetic Latin dance rhythms.

Hot, Hot, Hot! is taught by URBAN-15’s artistic director Catherine Cisneros, who designed the program for seniors aged 60 and up to improve muscle strength, flexibility, self-confidence, rhythmic coordination, posture and breathing.

Masterstrokes Senior Music Class


The Masterstrokes Music Class introduces seniors to the fundamentals of music and rhythm. It has been developed to aid in building coordination, maintaining memory, and developing hand/wrist/arm strength and mobility. Various rhythmic and musical instruments will be used throughout the course of the class and will be provided by URBAN-15.

For more information on these and other classes provided by URBAN-15, please contact us by phone at (210) 736-1500 or by email at

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