Live Stream


Beginning Sep 11th at 5pm CST



The first concert features San Antonio’s jazz quartet ZEN DILETTANTES. Member include Aaron Walker, Curtis Calderon, Andrew Bergmann, and Mark Pomerantz, 



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Beginning September 11th Urban-15 is introducing a series of live performances by some of San Antonio’s internationally recognized performing artists. Performances will include The Zen Dilettantes, Luvine Elias, Mobi Warren, Las Athena’s, Juan and Armando Tejeda and more to come! 

Recorded at the URBAN-15 Studio during the COVID-19 shutdown, these performances were part of the National Endowment of the Art’s CARES ACT funding to keep artists employed. 





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Our events have always been free of charge to the community. During this unprecedented health and economic state of emergency, please consider supporting community arts groups like URBAN-15 so that we may continue to nurture the artistic needs of our neighborhood and city.


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