Good things happen when good seeds are planted! We are planting the seeds that cultivate quality of life.

CULTIVATION is our in-house and outreach education program in music, dance and media for youth, senior, and special needs populations, especially those who otherwise would not be able to afford, access nor participate in the arts.

CULTIVATION is a process that nurtures artistic excellence through sequential steps, beginning with exposure to the craft; participation in classes in that craft; and, finally, execution of materials as a completed production.

This is a year-round program, with URBAN-15 arts professionals in the schools, classes and workshops in our studio, and major city-wide concerts. Our programs have served over 10,000 students from 41 schools and community centers.

Click on the links below to learn more about current classes for youth and seniors as well as our previous CULTIVATION projects!

Youth Classes
Senior Classes

Watch the video below to see some of URBAN-15’s current and past Cultivation programs!