2021 Josiah Media Festival Awards Schedule:

February 5, 2022: Josiah Media Festival Awards – 8PM, CST

February 12, 2022: Encore Screening of Josiah Media Festival Awards – 8PM, CST


Note: Each day begins at 8pm CST and repeats every 2 hours for a full 48 hours (8pm, 10pm, 12am, etc).

2021 Josiah Media Festival Winners:


1st place: Three Little Stories by Zuzanna Michlaska (21, Poland, Animation)
2nd place: Papa by Simar Singh (21, India, Animation)
3rd place: The Cut by Izzy Argent (22, United Kingdom, Animation)


1st place: Childhood Beyond War by Kahi Titab (20, Iraq, Documentary)
2nd place: Jal Pralay “The 2013 Kedarnath Tragedy by Yash Johari (19, India, Documentary)
3rd place: The World Resumed by Nicholas Tung (16, USA Documentary)


1st place: Bran Coucou by Lucia Auge (22, France, Animation)
2nd place: Wallflower by Kyra Bellamy (21, Australia, Experimental)
3rd place: Touch Me Softly by Gaia Pulliero (20, Italy, Experimental)


1st place:  Elizabeth by Anna Baumgarten (19, Denmark, Narrative)
2nd place: Sanako by Megan Tan & Clara Wahlig (20, Germany, Narrative)
3rd place: Roque by Nelson De Melo (21, France, Narrative)
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