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The Big Give 2023


On Wednesday Sep. 20th at 6 PM  through Thursday Sep. 21st at 6 PM, URBAN-15 invites you to participate in the 2023 Big Give! Your generous donation during this grand charity event will be used to award winners of two of URBAN-15’s biggest events; Mega Corazon and The Josiah Media Festival, as well as the many artists who deserve recognition for their talented contributions to our community and organization.

Each year, URBAN-15 awards the winners of Mega Corazon the Gregg Barrios Precious Words Prize, along with a $500 cash award. Past winners have included some of the greatest poets in the nation, such as former San Antonio Poet Laureate Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, Jessica Tilton-Zertuche, and Amalia Ortiz. In addition to Mega Corazon, URBAN-15 also hosts The Josiah Media Festival, which highlights creative works made exclusively by artists 21 years old or younger. The cultivation of this young artistic talent is made possible by generous donations that allow URBAN-15 to award Josiah finalists a cash prize. Through both Mega Corazon and The Josiah Media Festival, artists of all ages are encouraged to continue along their artistic path and reach great heights. It is programs such as the Big Give that allow URBAN-15 to raise the funds these creators deserve.

This year, The Big Give and multiple partners have collaborated to feature “Match Minutes”, during which your donation may be effectively doubled by these organizations. Donors are encouraged to input their payment information 5-10 minutes before the designated “Match Minute” and completing the payment when your computer or phone clock reach the correct time.


Suggested Match Minutes include:

–  Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation’s Match Minute at 6:10PM on Sep. 20th (Matches will only occur to donations made within that minute)
– Argo Group & Wave Healthcare’s Match Minute at 7:10PM on Sep. 20th (Matches will only occur to donations made within that minute)
– Big Give’s Match Minute at 9:10AM on Sep. 21st (Matches will only occur to donations made within that minute)
– The San Antonio Department of Arts and Culture’s five minute match time from 1:10PM to 1:15PM on Sep. 21st


However, if you miss any of these times, there are many more “Match Minutes” to choose from, you can find them all here!

We humbly ask for your donations to keep these great programs going. Your gift will stimulate growth in our arts community and encourage brilliant minds to create great works.

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Sep 20 - 21


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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