2018 JMF Schedule

Screening Schedule
  • Thursday, October 18th @ 7:00 pm CST
  • Friday, October 19th @ 7:00 pm CST
  • Saturday, October 20th @ 2:00 pm CST (featuring San Antonio filmmakers)
  • Saturday, October 20t@ 7:00 pm CST (featuring winning films and award ceremony)
Workshop Schedule
  • Saturday, October 20th @ 10:00 am: “Filmmaking with Drones” with Rogy Productions
  • Saturday, October 20th @ 11:15 am: “Movie Makeup Magic” with The Darkness FX
  • Saturday, October 20th @ 12:30 pm: “Feed Your Crew on a Budget” (lunch provided!)


Thursday, October, 18th at 7:00pm

The Concourse by James Ehle, 22 (New Palestine, IN, United States)
By the Slice by Luke Scribner, 22 (Erie, PA, United States)
If by Gabriel Valbuena, 24 (Weston, FL, United States)
Breathe by Daniel Tritt, 20 (McKinnon, Australia)
Langit, Lupit, Im-Im (Heaven, Earth, He-Hel) by Nina Rhina Datu, 20 (Manila, Phillipines)
Ready To Fight by Natasha Canepa, 22 (San Juan, Puerto Rico
Kulla e Prishte (Broken Tower) by Sovran Nrecaj, 20 (Ferizaj, Kosovo)
“Brainstorm” by LyricalGenes by Dana Burtin, 17 (South Euclid, OH, United States)
The Struggle by Johannes Siversten Stilhoff, 19 (Hvidovre, Denmark)


Fighting Two Wars: The Story of Thalia Jane Ainsley by Aaron Curtis Jr., 19 (Waldorf, MD, United States)
Iconoclast by Alex Haney, 23 (Los Angeles, CA, United States)
Junction by Alexia Salingaros, 20 (New York, NY, United States)
Extra Baggage by Talib Iqbal, 21 (Bhopal, India)
Bang Bang! by Jackie Droujko, 22 (Niagara Falls, Canada)
The God Doesn’t Think So by Chystiakov Anton, 20 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Uterus Diagram by Bianca Do Rego Silva, 23 (Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil)
numero 8296 by Nhu Quynh Nguyen, 20 (Bad Kreuznach, Germany)
The First Feather by Sine Juhl, 22 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Destiny’s Strings by Lamia Bengelloun, 22 (Paris, France)


Friday, October, 19th at 7:00pm

My Uncle and I by Daniel Seif, 23 (Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon)
True Here and Now by Vivek Jain, 20 (Indore, India)
Overexposed by Jake Shiptenko, 20 (Atlanta, GA, United States)
Creating Neptune by Sebastiao Varela, 21 (Lisbon, Portugal)
Darlin by Logan Fields, 22 (Manhattan Beach, CA, United States)
The Nameless Body by Alejandra Jimena, 22 (Mexico City, Mexico)
Kash-A Hope in the Valley by Shivang Singh, 22 (Patna, India)
Propel by Elizabeth Hewlett, 22 (San Fransisco, CA, United States)
Chainsaw Charlie by Dan Lesser, 20 (Irvine, CA, United States)
Bois Mort by Hannah Saunders, 22 (Flemming Island, FL, United States)


Remembrance by Arlette Elizabeth Salt Pardillo, 20 (Nuevitas, Cuba)
Face Value by Chris Plimmer, 21 (York, Ukraine)
Hosa Belaku (New Dawn) by Nirmal Thomas, 22 (Bangalore, India)
Tough Guy by Aias Dalman, 8 (Vancouver, Canada)
Get Lost by Matthias Strasser, 19 (Wettswil, Switzerland)
Just Nostalgia, It Seems by Nickita Gorozhankin, 21 (Solnechnogorsk, Russia)
Stickie by Olive Couri, 22 (Columbus, OH, United States)
Oh, my Domovoi by Sofiya Fayzieva, 22 (Moscow, Russia)
Euphoria by Wynter Rhys, 19 (North Bend, WA, United States)
Two Tracks by Miles Lilley, 20 (Hvidovre, Denmark)


Saturday, October 20th at 2:00pm (Local Showcase – All Films by San Antonio Filmmakers)

The Menger and Her Apparitions by Zoe McCall, 16
La Leyenda Picante by Wilson Jones, 17
Awareness by Zack Goodwin, 17
Fidget Spinner By Salvador Perez, 19
Holy Ground by Kaitlyn Rosas, 18
Skelefly by Elias Flores III, 18
Hats by Rylie Torres, 17
La Cultura Perdida (Lost Culture) by Elias Flores III, 18


Test Drive by Angel Leal, 19
Wedgwood by Kenneth Strawn, 18
The Doragon by Kaitlynn Andrews, 15
Brainwash by Victor Escalante, 19
The Girl Effect by Map Pesqueira, 18
Perfect Places by Fatima Aguillon, 18
Open Letter to the Close-Hearted by Kiersten Wilkins, 18


Saturday, October 20th at 7:00pm

3rd Place Animation Winner: EI:Emotional Intelligence by Dennis Sungmin, 21 (Seoul, South Korea)
3rd Place Experimental Winner: Wait Pretty Butterfly by Brynne McGregor, 21 (Cincinnati, OH, United States)
3rd Place Documentary Winner: Johar (Hello) by Abhijit Patro, 20 (Rourkela, India)
3rd Place Narrative Winner: Break by Anne Marie Bjerre Koch, 19 (Hvidovre, Denmark)
2nd Place Animation Winner: Leave With Me by Mel Wong, 24 (London, UK)
2nd Place Experimental Winner: A Note to Myself by Vivek Jain, 20 (Indore, India)
2nd Place Documentary Winner: Open Letter to the Close-Hearted by Kiersten Wilkins, 18, (San Antonio, TX, United States)
2nd Place Narrative Winner: Soaring Soldiers by Cecile Elmholt Skou, 20 (Hvidovre, Denmark)


1st Place Animation Winner: Raccoon and the Light by Hanna Kim, 21 (Valencia, CA, United States)
1st Place Experimental Winner: Company by Max Michel Thillaye, 23 (Berlin, Germany)
1st Place Documentary Winner: A Christmas Story by Andrei Olanescu, 22 (Rm. Valcea, Romania)
1st Place Narrative Winner: Tundra by Carol Nguyen, 20 (Toronto, Canada)

The final screening will be followed immediately by the Josiah Media Festival Awards Ceremony where we will present awards to and Skype chat with the winning filmmakers from around the world!

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