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Schedule Josiah Media Festival: Block #1

Josiah Media Festival 2021 Schedule

Note: Each day is a single block looped 12 times on the even hour. Each day will begin at 10am CST. 

BLOCK #1 (12/13, 12/22, 12/31, 1/9,1/17, 1/26)


  • Lucid Dream by Chen Yizhen (20, China, Animation) 
  • Elizabeth by Anna Baumgarten (19, Denmark, Narrative)
  • The King of the Slice by Vidhu Kota (19,USA, Documentary)
  • Piece of Mind by Lama Kadri (23, United Arab Emirates, Animation)
  • Ode to the Climate by Vittorio Caratozzolo (14, Italy, Experimental)
  •  Keep Breathing by Gabriella Hsu (19, USA, Animation)
  • She Can’t Control Herself by Morgan Mclntosh (16, USA, Documentary)
  • Three Little Stories by Zuzanna Michlaska (21, Poland, Animation)
  • Catch & Release by Radheya Jegatheva (22, Australia, Narrative)
  • Postive by Daffa Amrullah (22, Indonesia, Documentary)


Jan 26 2022


All Day
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