The Gift of Vision: San Antonio Youth Cinema 2006-2016

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As an opening to URBAN-15’s 14th annual Josiah Media Festival, October’s episode of Hidden Histories delves into the rich local culture of youth media education that produced Josiah Neundorf, a talented filmmaker from San Antonio whose premature passing in 2006 inaugurated one of the longest running youth film festivals in the world. Beginning with Neundorf’s visionary work, we screen ten of JMF’s best local films by students attending San Antonio high schools and media arts programs. We also interview Josiah’s father Marcus Neundorf on the festival’s origins and impacts, as well as film educator George Ozuna on his involvement in the creative ferment that launched the youth media movement in San Antonio.

Schedule of films includes:

The Gift of Vision: Film Montage by Josiah Neundorf (Northeast School of the Arts / Boston Museum School)

The Receptionist (2011, Narrative)
Nicholas Wachter, Age 17, Communication Arts High School

Fresh Fruit (2007, Animation)
Ed Kelley and Brenden Cicoria, Age 17, St. Mary’s Hall

El Gran Machin (2009, Narrative)
Aaron Richmond-Havel, Age 17, Northeast School of the Arts

Le Violoniste (2010, Animation)
Michael Esparza, Age 17, Film School of San Antonio at Harlandale High School

R/G/B (2014, Experimental)
Alejandro Peña, Age 18, Say Si

Picture Day (2016, Narrative)
Rogelio Pedrazo, Age 17, Film School of San Antonio at Harlandale High School

Of Gods and Bells (2016, Documentary)
Alexia Salingaros, Age 18, St. Mary’s Hall

Dolly Wants a Minion (2010, Narrative)
Lena Ozuna, Age 17, San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity

Reversal (2013, Animation)
Aaron Matthew Gutierrez, Age 20, University of the Incarnate Word

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