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After a tumultuous first half of 2020, Hidden Histories pauses for a late-summer breath of reflection. For viewers who have only recently tuned in, our August 2020 episode will delve into the origins of and big ideas behind the series, highlighting our most thoughtful, insightful, and powerful interviews, guests, and performances from Seasons One and Two. Members of the Hidden Histories production team have picked their favorite segments—from visionary author Whitley Strieber and late musical legend Spot Barnett to Dr. Charlie Cottrell remembering his Southside neighborhood before the construction of I-37 to archival performances from San Antonio’s dance history—and more!

As an online arts and culture magazine, Hidden Histories pursues and preserves the underexplored stories, lives, and places which make San Antonio and surrounding regions an inspiring cultural treasure. Each monthly episode uncovers important cultural histories of the region by featuring archival interviews with artists and community leaders; significant performances by musicians, dancers and poets; forgotten documentaries and narrative films; and vintage discussions of important community issues. In uncovering and generating the archives which hold these stories, Hidden Histories endeavors to move beyond the public humanities to one that is truly community-based.

All episodes air the first Monday of every month, and can be viewed online for FREE in two locations: our website ( and our YouTube channel ( Afterwards, episodes are archived online for 24/7 access at

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