Pride, Proud, Present: Collecting San Antonio’s Queer Memorias

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In honor of Pride Month, June’s episode of Hidden Histories explores the spaces that archive the history of LGBT life in San Antonio and celebrates the artists and activists who have made that history sing. We open with Melissa Gohlke, UTSA Special Collections Assistant Archivist, who curates one of the largest LGBTQ collections in Texas. From there, we interview Rebel Mariposa, radical restauranteur and owner of La Botanica, one of San Antonio’s most celebrated vegan restaurants and queer arts spaces. In between, we showcase the final public performance of the late and great Sterling Houston—playwright, musician, and performer with Jump-Start Performance Co.—and debut a Los de Esta Noche tribute by Los MENtirosos, San Antonio’s premiere drag king troupe. We close the night with filmmaker Noi Mahoney, director of Hap Veltman’s San Antonio Country, followed by a screening of his documentary about one of San Antonio’s most famous disco-era gay clubs.

As an online arts and culture magazine, Hidden Histories pursues and preserves the underexplored stories, lives, and places which make San Antonio and surrounding regions an inspiring cultural treasure. Each monthly episode uncovers important cultural histories of the region by featuring archival interviews with artists and community leaders; significant performances by musicians, dancers and poets; forgotten documentaries and narrative films; and vintage discussions of important community issues. In uncovering and generating the archives which hold these stories, Hidden Histories endeavors to move beyond the public humanities to one that is truly community-based.

All episodes air the first Monday of every month, and can be viewed online for FREE in two locations: our website ( and our YouTube channel ( Afterwards, episodes are archived online for 24/7 access at

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