Autumnal Assemblage: Common Currents/Veterans/Elections

Click below to view the archived episode from November 2018!

Embracing a magazine format, November’s episode of Hidden Histories presents several segments commemorating key November events. We first undertake a year-end retrospective of Common Currents, a Tricentennial-year collaboration between six downtown art centers that exhibited 300 works by 300 artists, one for each year of San Antonio’s most recent history. Next, in honor of Veteran’s Day on November 11th, we feature a veteran’s profile of Ray Hernandez, member of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan nation and 12th generation San Antonio resident. And finally, on the eve of the November 6th midterm elections, we hear from Lydia Camarillo of Southwest Voters Registration and Education Project and writer/urban planner Sherry Wagner about women’s role in historic voting rights struggles in San Antonio.

As part of the city’s calendar of Tricentennial arts activities, Hidden Histories is a monthly, magazine-format video series that pursues and preserves the stories, lives, and places that make San Antonio an inspiring cultural treasure. Over the course of 2018, Hidden Histories will premiere 12 monthly screenings live in our studio, free of charge. Each screening highlights archival interviews with community leaders; significant performances by musicians, dancers and poets; interactions with working artists; lost documentaries; forgotten narrative films; and vintage discussions of important community issues.

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