Two Public Performances Honoring La Madre Tierra

This June, in celebration of seasonal cycles of repetition and change, URBAN-15 presents TWO FREE open-air performances in public spaces around the city:
U-15 Solstice Performance 2017
Summer Solstice Performance
Thursday, June 21 at 2pm
Long-Term Parking Garage Atrium, San Antonio International Airport (9800 Airport Blvd 78216)

Choreographer, dancer, and URBAN-15 Artistic Director Catherine Cisneros will present her 17th annual Summer Solstice performance within the lighted squares of Christopher Janney’s “Passing Light” solar sculpture. “Passing Light” incorporates large plexiglass squares that from above project a grid of colors onto the passageway surface. Once a year, at 2pm on the Summer Solstice, the lighted grids align with the painted grids on the floor for 90 seconds as the sun passes directly overhead. Cisneros has created a solo dance piece that exploits the changing colors penetrating the environment. Her movements are designed to bring a ceremonial awareness of our planet’s humble travels within a celestial clock, evoking the elaborate rituals performed by the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Celts, Mayans, Hindis, Incas and others to make visible the moment of solar zenith.

global water dances - deirdre

Reflections on the Oceans Beneath
Saturday, June 23 at 8pm
The Blue Hole at Headwaters Sanctuary (4503 Broadway 78209)

Carnaval de San Anto will present “Reflections on the Ocean Beneath,” a choreographed contemplation on the renewable spirit of the subterranean water that grounds the city. With costume pieces featuring various natural and supernatural elements (grasses, flowers, rivers, mermaids), this ensemble performance piece is a quiet study of repetitive cycles, both internal and universal, for dancers and sound, held at the headwaters of the the San Antonio River.

For directions to the Headwaters Sanctuary, please click here.

We request your attendance at either or both of these highly visual celebrations–camera and video welcome! Event is rain or shine. For more information prior to the event, email or call (210) 736-1500.  Once on-site, call (210) 393-2310 for information.

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