Congratulations to the 2016 Josiah Media Festival Winners!

In 2016, nearly 2,000 films from 57 countries were submitted to URBAN-15’s 10th annual Josiah Media Festival.  Out of all of these films, we are proud to announce the 12 prize-winners in each of our four genre categories. Congratulations to these young filmmakers and their crews!


Ernie 6

1st Place:

“ERNIE” by Hadley Hillel, 21

Seattle, WA, USA

Reincarnation Inc 4

2nd Place:

“Reincarnation Inc.” by Hadley Hillel, 21

Seattle, WA, USA

Wings for Sally 4

3rd Place:

“Wings for Sally” by Freja Maegaard, 21

Hvidovre, Denmark


A Harmonious Cacophony 1

1st Place:

“A Harmonious Cacophony” by Isabela Reid, 20, and Marielle Boland, 19

San Francisco, CA, USA

Of Gods and Bells 8

2nd Place:

“Of Gods and Bells” by Alexia Salingaros, 18

San Antonio, TX, USA

Being Smart 2

3rd Place:

“Being Smart” by Vivek Jain, 18

Indore, India


Masso Awwo 2

1st Place:

“Masso Awwo” by Duncan Sekumba, 23

Marlow, England

Missing Facts 3

2nd Place:

“Missing Facts” by Srwsht Abarash, 20

Sulaimanyah, Iraq

Tide 6

3rd Place:

“Tide” by Anastazja Federowicz, 23, and Malgorzata Hryhorowicz, 23

Stavanger, Norway


Acquiescence 3

1st Place:

“Acquiescence” by Fierrany Halita, 22

Tangerang, Indonesia

Rupee Run 8


“Rupee Run” by Tarun Lak, 21

Los Angeles, CA, USA

My Lost Things 1


“My Lost Things” by Weijia Chen, 23

Hangzhou, China

The 2016 Josiah Media Festival will take place Thursday, October 6th – Saturday, October 8th and will be held at the URBAN-15 Studio, located at 2500 S. Presa, San Antonio, TX, 78210. For more information on this year’s festival, click HERE or contact us at (210) 736-1500 or

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