Donate $15 for 15!

The Big Give a 24-hour day of giving that brings donors and nonprofits together, connecting people across South Central Texas to the causes that matter to them the most. Last year the community came together to raise $4.3 million dollars for 882 charitable causes in just 24 hours. This year’s fundraising goal is $6 million!

Support URBAN-15 by donating $15 any time on Tuesday, May 3rd between 12:00am and 11:59pm (between the midnights, so to speak).

Donate online HERE

AND/OR stay tuned for an IRL fundraising event on May 3rd!

W H Y? should people donate to small grassroots arts organizations and U-15 in particular?

B E C A U S E!
URBAN-15 creates. We motivate creativity, inspire imagination and bring optimism to our community. Using Music, Movement and Media, our vision realizes:

–Productions that merge traditional Latino culture, modern artistic aesthetics, and creative technologies;
–Educational programs that develop skills and creativity; and
–Life-long access to and participation in artistic exploration for both the artist and the community.

URBAN-15 pursues a philosophy of inclusion that crosses lines of gender, class, race, and religion. Breaking prejudicial barriers of size, age, and norms of physical beauty, we have transformed the way our community celebrates and revolutionized community access to music and dance.

SO–support our vital work in the community by donating $15 ANY TIME between 12:00am and 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 3rd!
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