Sonic Provocations: A New Series in Experimental Sound Performance

Tickets are $10 and available HERE or at the door.

URBAN-15 opens the new year with Sonic Provocations, a new series that provides a setting for sound artists to showcase original material, taking it out of the laboratory and into the ears of the public. Sonic Provocations offers artists the creative freedom to present their work beyond the constraints of audience expectation–and offers audiences the opportunity to experience something acoustically different and unique.
Our series opened on Saturday, January 9th with jazz duo Richard Oppenheim and Rene Saenz, two multi-instrumentalists versatile in all genres of reed music. Oppenheim and Saenz are both nationally recognized jazz saxophonists who have performed across genres—from Tejano to jazz, country and rock to blues—and with such noted musicians as Marvin Gaye, Tito Puente, and Count Basie. Their 90-minute set at URBAN-15 featured four original works and interpretations of Dolphy, Mingus, and Coltrane.
For those unable to attend this first performance, Oppenheimer and Saenz will be performing two other dates as part of the Sonic Provocations series, which runs every month from January through June 2016. Other performers include The Invincible Czars on February 20th and others TBD! Check back here for details.

Purchase your tickets HERE or at the door!

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