Express-News Includes Catherine Cisneros Among ‘Hispanic Ambassadors’

One of our favorite local journalists, Elaine Ayala, has a great rundown on the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month today. Run, don’t walk, to go read it. In it, she patiently explains why the annual month-long celebration is important to all of us. And while we appreciate her analysis, we have to admit that part of what caught our eye was the inclusion of our artistic director on the short list of “ambassadors who are promoting, practicing or preserving Hispanic arts, culture and history.”

Under the photo of Catherine Cisneros, Alaya writes:

As artistic director of Urban-15, Cisneros has led a colorful, energetic band of dancers and drummers that have for four decades zig-zagged their way through galas, festivals, parades and presidential inaugurals. With husband George Cisneros, brother of the former mayor and housing secretary, Cat — as she is called — has been the heart of the pounding zamba rhythms that have invited dancers — young and old, trained or neophyte and of all levels of fitness — to join. Thousands of dancers have come through her rehearsals. During Fiesta Flambeau Parades, Urban-15 performs its traditional street dance forms and rhythms, showing why it remains the city’s leading dance troupe and imitated by so many. An artist in various media, Cisneros has worked as a set designer, arts organizer and sculptor. But dance has been her calling. With her husband, she has taken Urban-15 to Mexico City, Lima, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Matamoros. This summer, Cisneros delivered Urban-15’s signature “samba-gram,” her choreographic invention, at the San Antonio Association for Hispanic Journalists’ 16th annual gala featuring honorees Robert Rodriguez, Henry Cisneros and John Quiñones. It was, as usual, an illustration of how we celebrate in San Antonio.

Thanks for the mention, Elaine. And, more importantly, thanks for the great explanation of the importance of cultural identity, civic engagement, voting, and Hispanic Heritage.

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