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Throughout the 40 years that URBAN-15 has existed, it has gone through numerous changes to its aesthetic, its content, and its methods of presentation. However, it has always remained a group of enthusiastic performers fighting to present new, unique and…



Good things happen when good seeds are planted! We are planting the seeds that cultivate quality of life. CULTIVATION is our in-house and outreach education program in music, dance and media for youth, senior, and special needs populations, especially those who otherwise would not be…


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While most people think of us solely for the performance ensemble Carnaval de San Anto, URBAN-15 is actually a lot more than that! Through CDSA, URBAN-15 performs music, movement, and media. Through Cultivation, URBAN-15 teaches music, movement, and media. Through…

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Josiah Media Festival – 2016 Call for Entries!

Filmmakers 21 and under, we are now accepting films for the 2016 Josiah Media Festival!

nosferatu shadow 1

The Invincible Czars Debut New Score for NOSFERATU

On February 20th, the Czars return to URBAN-15 as part of SONIC PROVOCATIONS!


Sonic Provocations: A New Series in Experimental Sound Performance

Join us each month for something acoustically unique and intellectually stimulating!


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